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Belated new year's greetings (we know, we know). We have been in a bit of an exile, taking care of matters of heart, soul, family and friends, reading, writing (even thinking) and working with things not intrinsically related to our band. Making ends meet, finding new inspiration, as it happens. But we are back on the horse, laying down the finishing touches on a(nother) live document – which we have in fact been working with sporadically since last summer – Messe in concert at the distinguished Teatro Regio, Parma, Italy, November 16 2013, with talented Mg_Inc Orchestra and also featuring first lady of the ether, Pamelia Kurstin. Now we know we've been on a bit of a "live trip" lately, but we have to say this was a special night in our lives and we are super proud of how it has now been preserved for posterity. The session also features some 15 minutes of new music written and performed specifically for the scene and topped up with full orchestra versions of "Little Blue Bird" and "Eos". It should be available as deluxe double vinyl and other formats late autumn, incl. photos, poster, notes and sentiments by Italian music writer Antonello Cresti, author of Solchi sperimentali. Una guida alle musiche altre.

Perdition City (2000) has, after much ado, finally been given Orgone Studios' hi-end analogue treatment specifically aimed at the vinyl experience (going through similar processing as Ampullae's Silence [...] re-issue). 180 gram 2XLP edition including the hors d'oeuvre EP Metamorphosis from 1999 on side D. We will be back with a specific release date, pre-order etc., soon. Really sorry about the massive delay on this one folks, but those first test pressings did simply not hold the magic.

There's also another eye-popping mutant in the mix: last year Daniel took a few harddrives with multitracks from our "free rock" gigs with him back to Londinium; and although the material has been lying dormant in a year of heavy fur-grumbling, the man is now well into the business of pataphysical cut-ups and shall be assembling a new Frankenstein with way more hair – while we wrap things up in the North. Ulver can be like the dynamism of a fucking well-oiled machine sometimes. Demons, the music from the Norwegian National Theatre will have to wait for now. We need to get these beasts off our back to initiate our next full-bodied offering: The Assassination of Julius Caesar. Texts and themes are, as you can imagine, in the works.

Thief in the temple

More as it unravels. Wolves wish you a killer summer.

Ulver, Palazzo Apostolico, June 3 2015.

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